About Us

    Dear friends!

    We’re glad to welcome you to the “Arcanum Pride” Maine Coon mono-breed cattery website!
    Our small cattery has existed since 2019.
    We’re located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
    Our kittens grow up at home with us. They are affectionate, very outgoing, not afraid of people.
    Let us tell you how we actually differ from other catteries, which variety is great at the moment.
    So, what distinguishes our cattery from many others, and why you should pay attention to us when choosing your kitten?
    Our cattery is officially registered in the WCF – World Cat Federation. It is one of the most famous cat organizations, whose standards are recognized throughout the world. WCF cat shows are held in many countries. The system has existed since 1988. Unlike local societies and organizations, WCF has earned the trust of a huge number of cat clubs around the world. This system is worth the door.
    All our kittens are transferred to new owners with a full package of official documents from the club signed and stamped by the club president and strictly on time (no earlier than 3-4 months from the date of birth).
    All our kittens will be vaccinated with real vaccines by a real veterinarian at the time of transfer, officially and twice, as it should be. In addition, a microchip is implanted into each kitten. This is a prerequisite.
    We are responsible for our charges. All kittens are transferred with a contract, which clearly spells out the terms of sale, guarantees, and rights of the customer.     
    We provide support to all owners of our kittens. We are not hiding from anyone and are ready to answer your questions. We are glad if you write and call us.
Maine Coon Kittens
    All our breeding animals:
    👉 have pedigrees and titles in the WCF system;
    👉 undergo an annual veterinary check, incl. ECHO (screening) of the heart;
    👉 tested for hidden genetic diseases (HCM, SMA, PKdef – N / N).
    In addition, before each mating, we do an additional health examination of our cats by a reproductive specialist.
    We take care of our pets and do not save on their maintenance. Our cats and kittens, while growing with us, eat the best and highest quality food. They get the necessary vitamins and nutrition.
We are also not indifferent to the future fate of our graduates.     
    Therefore, we have the right to refuse in selling a kitten to a potential customer, if, for some reason, it seems to us that our offspring is not suitable for the future owner.
    I hope we managed to reveal the topic in this post. Thank you for reading it to the end! We wish you to make the right choice of cattery and find a wonderful friend of Maine Coon!